> July 26, 2018: Value Chain Coordination: Getting Started

Increasing the health and wealth of communities and the local farmers who supply them requires physical infrastructure to collect and move food. But it also requires a significant level of coordination - people and organizations who make fruitful connections between the food and the consumer; who work to pilot new ideas; who make the political and business ground fertile for success.

We call this critical work "value chain coordination." 

This webinar is the first in a series that illuminates, by inspirational example, the skills needed to find success in coordinating a value chain. Our panelists will more deeply explain value chain coordination, introduce valuable concrete metrics to demonstrate impact, and explain, with practical examples, how to begin value chain coordination in a new community.

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> May 17, 2018: Anchors in Resilient Communities: Hospitals Increasing Community Health, Wealth, and Resilience

Health systems are increasingly embracing their roles as “anchor institutions”. Utilizing a powerful combination of procurement and investments, health care is exploring ways to build local, equitable food economies, and foster resilient communities. The panel will present the results of Health Care Without Harm’s 2-year national study that examined hospitals’ community benefit practices to improve access to healthy foods, promote healthier food environments, and prevent diet-related disease. The panel will present Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC), and ARC’s first collaborative project, MyCultiver, as examples of how anchors are working together with community, building robust regional food systems that can increase community health, wealth, and climate resilience in the Bay Area through market disruption and transformation.

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> April 12, 2018: Crafting Winning LFPP / FMPP Proposals

Dawn Thilmany and Becca Jablonski of Colorado State University are partnering with Wallace Center and the Farmers Market Coalition and USDA Ag Marketing Service to present Crafting Winning LFPP/FMPP Grant Proposals. This webinar will explore best practices for planning and writing LFPP/FMPP proposals, emphasizing that designing effective and impactful goal-based programs is the foundation of successful grant applications. 

This webinar is geared to those who are less experienced in writing grant proposals, particularly proposals for US government grants

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> January 24, 2018: #CommunityFood: It Takes a Network

Across the US, non-profit community-based organizations are transforming food systems to create more equitable health, wealth, connection, and capacity within their communities. Some of the most creative and effective approaches to solving food insecurity, health disparities, economic inequity and environmental injustice emerge from this sector. 

As part of this webinar, we will launch the Food Systems Leadership Network, a new national Community of Practice dedicated to supporting non-profit community-based organizations working on food systems change.  In this webinar, we will introduce the Food Systems Leadership Network, highlight its unique components (mentorship and grant opportunities!), and discuss how the Network will add value to both your organization’s work and your growth as a food systems practitioner.

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