> January 24, 2018: #CommunityFood: It Takes a Network

Across the US, non-profit community-based organizations are transforming food systems to create more equitable health, wealth, connection, and capacity within their communities. Some of the most creative and effective approaches to solving food insecurity, health disparities, economic inequity and environmental injustice emerge from this sector. 

As part of this webinar, we will launch the Food Systems Leadership Network, a new national Community of Practice dedicated to supporting non-profit community-based organizations working on food systems change.  In this webinar, we will introduce the Food Systems Leadership Network, highlight its unique components (mentorship and grant opportunities!), and discuss how the Network will add value to both your organization’s work and your growth as a food systems practitioner.

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> November 2, 2017: #CommunityFood: Return to Roots

In food, “innovation” often means a return to traditional cultural practices, creative adaptation of an existing idea, or reinstating traditions that use food to build community. This is one of the most striking findings in “From the Ground Up: Inspiring Community-based Food Systems Innovations,” a recent report commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and produced by the Wallace Center.

This webinar explores this “Return to Roots” theme, featuring organizations that are grounded in food sovereignty, preserve cultural heritage, and focus on achieving affordable access to healthy, culturally appropriate, sustainably produced food.

For the past 40 years, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC-NM) has worked on land and water rights and agricultural justice, especially for Chicano and indigenous people living in the state. We’ll learn about AFSC’s comprehensive Farmer-to-Farmer training program and their work facilitating farmer to farmer cooperation to access markets across the state. In California, the Klamath Basin Tribal Food Security Project is enhancing tribal health and food security by building a sustainable regional food system through collaborative and participatory approaches, co-developing research, education, and hands-on workshops and training programs to evaluate barriers and develop solutions to achieve a healthy food system.

Leaarn more about and be inspired by their unique approach, best practices and lessons learned along the way.

This is the third webinar in the #CommunityFood series.


+ Sayrah Namaste,  Director of American Friends Service Committee (AFSC-NM) New Mexico
+ Jennifer Sowerwine from UC Berkeley/UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
+ Lisa Hillman, from the Karuk Tribe

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> October 12, 2017: #CommunityFood: Investing in the Future

Good food is fuel for our bodies…but a growing number of community organizations use food to truly empower the next generation. These organizations know that investing in and preparing a new, diverse generation of farmers, food entrepreneurs and advocates is critical to ensuring that everyone in every community has access to healthy, culturally appropriate, locally-grown and sustainably-produced food. 

“Investing in the Future” via young farmer training, farm to school programs, and other approaches to youth development through food systems is one of eight promising trends identified in “From the Ground Up: Inspiring Community-based Food Systems Innovations,” a publication commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and produced by the Wallace Center that highlights key themes and strategies that community food organizations are using to effect change. (see http://community.wkkf.org

This “Investing in the Future” webinar, the second of a four-part #CommunityFood series based on the findings of the report, features two organizations doing extraordinary work with youth. MA’O Organic Farms in Hawai’i presents about how their Youth Leadership Training program is shaping students’ livelihoods and restoring connections with the land, their culture, and their community. And Grow Dat Youth Farm in Louisiana speaks about their Advanced Leadership Program that supports youth as they transform their communities, their environments, and themselves. Join us as we dig into the nuts and bolts of how these organizations are teaching and inspiring the people they work with, uncover the best practices and lessons learned along the way, and share helpful resources.

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> August 17, 2017: #CommunityFood: Exploring Innovations in Community Food Systems

Across the nation communities are working to restore, revitalize, and reinforce the value of local food systems and are transforming the “business as usual” approach to food systems value chains. The #CommunityFood webinar highlights themes in innovation emerging among community-based organizations across Indian Country, rural communities, and cities across America and features two organizations who exemplify this evolution in food systems change-making. 

Featuring Oneida Community Integrated Food Systems and La Semilla Food Center.

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