> Feb 21 2013: On-farm Food Safety and Access to Larger Markets

On-farm food safety is on the mind of those looking to support the success of small and mid-sized, sustainable producers. We dig into two cutting edge issues:

More and more wholesale and institutional buyers are requiring on-farm food safety certification, making these markets extremely difficult to participate in for smaller farmers due to the expense of GAP auditing. The Wallace Center is working with USDA to identify and run several pilots at food hubs of a group GAP approach. Instead of the current "one farm, one audit" protocol, participants in a group GAP audit have their shared food safety system audited, and are audited as one body. This method opens markets to producers who would otherwise be priced out.

The Food and Drug Administration just released two proposed rules outlining new standards for produce safety and preventive controls for food processing and manufacturing.  These two rules, along with existing food safety regimes, create a maze of challenges for the development and growth of local and regional food systems.  Learn about the new proposed rules, models for addressing food safety, and how to get involved in supporting sustainable food systems and safe food.


  • Steve Warshawer, NGFN Food Safety Coordinator
  • Ariane Lotti, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

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