> August 21, 2014: Ins-TRUCK-tion Manual - Lease, Buy, or Other?

One major expense of food hubs (and many other Good Food businesses, including farms) is vehicles. How do you decide whether to lease or own? There are many expenses including repair, resale value, potential lost business due to malfunction, typical delivery miles, frequency of delivery, garage fees, etc... How do you weigh all of the financials in a clear way? Farm Credit of the Virginias and Farm Credit Council have created a new tool that will give you a definitive financial answer to that question. We will illustrate how to use this tool with an engaging example so that you may apply it to your unique business situation.

... and then there is a third option: neither lease nor own, but using a third-party trucking company. Though it may seem counter intuitive, there are many cases where this option is the most reliable, and the most cost effective solution. Dennis Derryck of Corbin Hill Food Project, will relate their story of trying all three options, and found great efficiencies, including monetary, using a third-party logistics company.

This webinar will takes through theory and practice of making the right decision for your business.

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