> Food Value Chains: Creating Shared Value to Enhance Marketing Success

Food value chains are business arrangements distinguished by their commitment to transparency, collaborative business planning and exchange of market intelligence and business know how among chain partners, and their interest in developing business strategies and solutions that yield tangible benefits to each participant in the system. The Wallace Center, in collaboration with USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, and American University has released a new resource, Food Value Chains: Creating Shared Value to Enhance Marketing Success. This document is designed to provide guidance on how food value chains are initiated and structured, how they function, and the benefits they provide to participants, with the intent of encouraging their adoption where the opportunities for successful collaboration exist.

Authors: Adam Diamond, Debra Tropp, James Barham, Michelle Frain Muldoon, Stacia Kiraly, and Patty Cantrell

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> Sysco's Journey from Supply Chain to Value Chain

A case study of Sysco’s 2008 early work to develop food value chains, providing the operational considerations, early results, lessons learned and next stage planning involved in Sysco’s ongoing corporate journey from supply chain to value chain.

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> Innovative Models: Small Grower and Retailer Collaborations, Part B - Balls Food's Perspective

A look at the small grower and retailer collaboration between the Good Natured Family Farms Alliance and Balls Food Stores, from the buyers' perspective.

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