> Snapshot Series: Transitioning to Value Added Enterprises - White Cow Dairy


The Snapshot Series examines how traditionally direct marketing farmers are using value added enterprises to supplement and expand their agri-businesses, reaching new markets and consumers through the development of new products. White Cow Dairy produces a complete line of small-batch fresh dairy products, including: plain and flavored yogurts (everything from maple to blueberry, mint to rhubarb); yogurt drinks in half a dozen flavors; custards and puddings; sauces; and caramels, among others. Given their unique combination of antique recipes and a small-batch dairy processing system capable of mechanically imitating traditional European and American production methods, the dairy worked with extension services, agriculture specialists and nonprofits to help meet state agricultural standards. White Cow Dairy products are now sold at a number of locations within a 50-mile radius, as well as Murray’s Cheese in New York City. 

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