> Community Food Enterprise: Local Success in a Global Marketplace

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Community Food Enterprise is a detailed field report on the performance of 24 community-based food enterprises, half inside the United States and half international. Each case study presents analysis of the enterprise's economic, social and environmental impacts. Our research demonstrates how community food enterprises have transformed factors that once stymied their performance and profitability – smaller scale, modest ambition, limited local ownership, and high social standards – into powerful competitive advantages vis-à-vis multinational food businesses. It also identifies several critical ways CFEs provide invaluable tools for economic development and anti-poverty efforts worldwide.

Ultimately, We show that CFEs represent a huge diversity of legal forms, scales, activities, and designs. From these case studies, we address four questions: 

  • What strategies are community food enterprises deploying to heighten their competitiveness? 
  • What are the major challenges facing these enterprises and the ways they are overcoming those challenges? 
  • How well are these enterprises meeting the triple bottom lines of profit, people, and planet?
  • To what extent are successful CFE models capable of being replicated worldwide? 

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Visit the Community Food Enterprise project page for a brief overview and links with findings and case studies.