> NGFN Webinar: Financial Benchmark Metrics and Measurements for Regional Food Hubs

Food Hubs strengthen regional food systems by supplying local foods to schools, hospitals, restaurants and other institutions, as well as directly to consumers.  Their aggregation, sales, and distribution activity increases farm-gate demand for local foods, creating new markets for small producers.

But are food hubs economically sustainable?  Can food hubs do well by doing good?

This webinar describes the lessons learned from the recent benchmarking study of food hub financial and operational characteristics.   The presentation highlights how successful food hubs across the nation have achieved their mission and goals through financial and business metrics. 

Understanding this landmark study will benefit all manner of people interested in regional food systems. For instance, food hub operators will be able to identify performance standards and improvement strategies.  Farmers who watch the webinar will gain a better understanding of their ability to access new markets through food hubs, and researchers and local food advocacy organizations will benefit from this webinar’s business-based analysis of food hub functions and operational issues. Private lenders and public sector funders will gain insight on strategic investment strategies for food hubs that will lead to positive economic and sustainable outcomes.

The National Good Food Network Food Hub Benchmarking Study team includes the Farm Credit Council, Farm Credit East, Morse Marketing Connections, and the Wallace Center at Winrock International.


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