> Farmers Market Management FAQs

The Farmers Market Management Frequently Asked Questions Videos and Guide (pdf) are the result of Wallace Center's National Farmers Market Network partnership with the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC). Each video features market managers from successful market networks around the country answering the Top Fifty Farmers Market Management questions, crowdsourced from the FMC listserv and markets nationwide. The PDF guide offers in-depth answers to each of these questions, as well as links to hundreds of additional resources available in the FMC Resource Library.

The videos and guide cover seven key categories:


  • Market Fundamentals
  • Market Policies
  • Market Staff
  • Insurance, Liability, and Regulation
  • Market Growth, Outreach, and Evaluation
  • Extending the Market Season
  • Increasing Market Access

Download the Farmers Market Management FAQ Guide (pdf).

Watch the Farmers Market Management Videos, and access hundreds of farmers market resources at the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library.