Pasture Project

Conservation-minded producers in multiple states are grazing their livestock on cover crops.  By capturing soil health benefits greater than cover cropping alone, and reaping the economic benefits of late-season grazing weight gain and minimized winter feed costs, these pioneers are innovating in ways that work for the environment and for their bottom line. 


A Sample of Producers Successfully Grazing Cover Crops in the U.S.

Ackley, Paul (IA)

Bauer, David (ND)

Boyko, Grant (ND)

Brown, Gabe and Paul (ND)

Bruski, Ryan (MT)

Cobb, Jonathan (TX)

Coleman, Ben (MO)

Cope, Harvey (MO)

Doane, Jerry (ND)

Dukart, Derrick (ND)

Elizondo, James (FL)

Fisher, Ann (MT)

Fuller, Gale (KS)

Kautzman, Ted (ND)

Linnenbringer, Luke (MO)

Miller, Ken (ND)

Odegard, Mike (WY)

Olson, Doug (NE)

Oswald, Darrell (ND)

Phillips, Scott (NC)

Pierce, Nathan (KS)

Poore, Matt (NC)

Ravenkamp, Scott (CO)

Richter, Marlyn and Patrick (ND)

Schuette, Cliff (IL)

Solberg, Kent (MN)

Vogel, Mark (MT)

Walker, Weston (MO)

Walkins, Seth (IA)

Whitman, Scott (ND)

Wolfinger Farm (OH)

Producers identified by Dr. Allen Williams, 2014