> City Food Sector Scan Innovation and Investment Resources Released

The Wallace Center and Changing Tastes are pleased to announce the release of three new resources, and a related webinar, designed to help guide cities' food sector innovation and investment. 

Resources include a Literature Review that evaluated more than 180 urban, regional and national studies on local food systems, job creation, economic development and financial risk; a Roadmap outlining steps to establish a local vision, inventory and map food assets and gaps, and an Investment Evaluation tool designed to help evaluate investment options, and manage financial risk. 

In addition to the Roadmap contents, the webinar also presents a review of the range of local economic benefits of conventional and innovative food businesses found during the project’s comprehensive scan of local and national economic data on job creation and business viability in the food sector.

These tools were developed in partnership with the City and County of San Francisco and Cities of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. The project was funded through the Innovation Fund of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, a Project of the Global Philanthropy Partnership, and the support of the Surdna and Summit Foundations.

We hope that these documents will help cities throughout the nation foster innovative food sector investments that yield sustainable benefits in the form of job creation, higher wages, revenues generated, and increased access to healthy foods among all communities.

Learn more at the City Food Sector Scan project page.  

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