Stoneyfield Farm to Show Consumers What’s Really in Their Food in New Campaign

Stonyfield Farm launched a year-long “Know Your Food” campaign to help consumers understand the origins and ingredients of the food they eat. Visit their new website to go on a Know Your Food Journey, learn how food is produced, what’s in the things we eat, and how all of this impacts consumers, communities, and the planet.

New Freeze-dry Method Good for Processing Fish

Scientists at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF), in collaboration with Peter Bechtel, a food technologist at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Subarctic Agricultural Research Unit (SARU) in Kodiak, Alaska developed a freeze-dry technique to process salmon culbes, which is more energy and time efficient and could offer a healthier alternative for portions of fish typically considered less desirable by-products.  The process only takes nine hours, compared to traditional processing that can take more than 20 hours.  Findings from this research were published in the Journal of Food Science in 2010.

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

This “Plain Language Guide to Starting a Value Added Food Business,” from the Northeast Network of Immigrant Farming Projects, provides information on processing raw fruits and vegetables and how to package  and market value-added products effectively.