Healthy Foods Here Produce Guide and Merchandising Tips

The goal of the Healthy Foods Project Project, which is a collaboration between King County Public Health Department and the Seattle Office of Economic Development, is to make healthy food available in the county by supporting local businesses and providing resources on healthy foods. Some of the resources on the website include merchandising tips to help retailers sell healthy foods, a produce manual that provides basic care information on over 50 types of produce. Their resource guides for produce store owners are currently available in English, Spanish, Somali and Korean.

Use of Direct Marketing Strategies by Farmers and their Impact on the Farm

This report, from the April 2011 Agricultural and Resource Economics Review and written by Hiroki Uematsu and Ashok Mishra, looks at factors affecting the total number of direct marketing strategies adopted by farmers.

Regulating Food Retail for Obesity Prevention: How Far Can Cities Go?

This article, found in the Spring 2011 issue of the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics and written by Paul A. Diller and Samantha Graff, explores the legal authority of cities and counties to enact food-related retail policies and provides examples of laws and policies throughout the country of business operations restricting unhealthy food options or promoting healthy options.

Harnessing the Power of Supermarkets to Help Reverse Childhood Obesity

'Harnessing the Power of Supermarkets to Help Reverse Childhood Obesity,' a report collaboratively written by the Food Trust and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is the result of a conference which included than 60 public health experts, food retailers, food manufacturers and consumer product designers who met in June 2010, to explore grocery store marketing practices to promote lower-calorie foods.