House Ag Chairman Says Ag Groups Need to Come Together

House Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) says there is still a possibility to finish a farm bill in 2012. He urges farm groups to come to some sort of consensus on how commodity programs should work in the future as a one-size-fits-all bill is not workable. Instead, he argues, the bill needs to contain options for the various commodity programs.;jsessionid=843434403AE369E7D84BD1AB4077B89A.agfreejvm2?symbolicName=/free/agpolicy/news/template1&product=/ag/news/agpolicy/features&vendorReference=0702DA75&paneContentId=70120&paneParentId=70104

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Announces Introduction of Local Food Bill

Senator Brown of Ohio and Representative Pingree of Maine introduced a comprehensive bill Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act for the 2012 Farm Bill. The bill addresses local and regional food system development, supports family farms, invests in communities, and improves access to healthy food by revising and expanding existing federal farm programs.

Review of US Farm Programs

A report released by AGree, an initiative designed to transform long-term agricultural, food and rural policy issues, provides a comprehensive overview of federal farm programs, their background, and the distribution of benefits. The intention of the report is to encourage a common understanding on the future of food and agricultural policy in policy discussions across diverse stakeholders.