Use of Direct Marketing Strategies by Farmers and their Impact on the Farm

This report, from the April 2011 Agricultural and Resource Economics Review and written by Hiroki Uematsu and Ashok Mishra, looks at factors affecting the total number of direct marketing strategies adopted by farmers.

Urban Design Lab

Urban Design Lab is a joint collaboration between the Laboratory of the Earth Institute and the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Prevention at Columbia University. Their research projects look at an integrated regional foodshed in the Northeast and use data to analyze processing and transportation systems while increasing access to fresh food.

Breaking Down Market Barriers for Small and Mid-Sized Organic Growers

USDA Agriculture Marketing Service and the California Institute for Rural Studies present a background on organic marketing, findings on marketing challenges, and provides resources on marketing to wholesale, retail, and institutional buyers and directly to consumers.

Guide To Marketing Channel Selection

This guide on “How to Sell through Wholesale and Direct Marketing Channels” comes from Cornell University’s Tomkins County Cooperative Extension and provides information on successful marketing to small to medium sized fruit and vegetable growers. Topics covered include marketing channel combinations, wholesale buyer expectations, post-harvest handling and tips for building successful relationships with grocery stores and food retailers.

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

This “Plain Language Guide to Starting a Value Added Food Business,” from the Northeast Network of Immigrant Farming Projects, provides information on processing raw fruits and vegetables and how to package  and market value-added products effectively.

Journal of Food Distribution Research - March 2011

The March 2011 edition of the Journal of Food Distribution Research, published by the Food Distribution Society, includes articles on farm-direct marketing and food sales, consumer perceptions of agriculture products, case studies and risk management training for small farmers.