Healthy Foods Here Produce Guide and Merchandising Tips

The goal of the Healthy Foods Project Project, which is a collaboration between King County Public Health Department and the Seattle Office of Economic Development, is to make healthy food available in the county by supporting local businesses and providing resources on healthy foods. Some of the resources on the website include merchandising tips to help retailers sell healthy foods, a produce manual that provides basic care information on over 50 types of produce. Their resource guides for produce store owners are currently available in English, Spanish, Somali and Korean.


PolicyLink provides resources such as webinars, case-studies, and toolkits on food access issues, including those specifically in communities of color, and includes resources that focus on the links between obesity and the environment, and healthy food retail models.


Public Health Law and Policy (PHLP)

PHLP’s document library covers a range of topics related to food access; including healthy planning, farmers markets, healthy retail, childhood obesity, economic development, joint use agreements, mobile vending and produce carts, legislation, menu labeling and redevelopment.

The Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College

The Center for Food and Justice at the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute publications page covers topics including farm to school and other farm to institution programs, and food access case studies from across the Los Angeles area.

The Reinvestment Fund

The Reinvestment Fund looks at financing and research initiatives that aim to increase access to healthy food in low-income communities. Their resources section includes reports on supermarket access, corner store financing and research and funding opportunities, including the Fresh Food Financing Initiative, and a new map tracking food access data across the US.

Community Food Enterprise

Wallace Center and BALLE International highlight case studies of community food enterprises –locally owned food businesses – from across the globe. These case studies focus on the enterprise strategies used to gain competitiveness, outline major challenges and solutions to overcome those challenges, ask how the enterprises meet the triple bottom lines of 'profit, people, and planet,' and address how replicable their business models are.

Examining the Impact of Food Deserts on Public Health in Chicago

The Mari Gallagher Research and Consulting Group released this report which measures the distance from every Chicago city block to the nearest grocery store and fast-food restaurant and compares food access and residents’ available food choices with health outcomes, while looking at race, income and education. This website link also has reports on Birmingham, Alabama; Savannah, Georgia; Boston Massachusetts; and Detroit, Michigan.

Designed for Disease: The Link Between Local Food Environments and Obesity and Diabetes

PolicyLink, in collaboration with the California Center for Public Health Advocacy and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, look at the connections between retail food environments, obesity, diabetes and community income.