C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Agriculture

The C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Agriculture at Michigan State University provides research, conference proceedings and presentations on community food systems, farming and production techniques, business plans and resources on food processing and distribution.




SCORE is a nonprofit association, supported by the Small Business Administration, which mentors small businesses. The program links small business owners with volunteer experts in their local community that provide technical assistance in a variety of areas such as starting a business, management, government contracting, technology and sales. Score has over 13,000 metors in 500 industries across the country.


Community Food Enterprise

Wallace Center and BALLE International highlight case studies of community food enterprises –locally owned food businesses – from across the globe. These case studies focus on the enterprise strategies used to gain competitiveness, outline major challenges and solutions to overcome those challenges, ask how the enterprises meet the triple bottom lines of 'profit, people, and planet,' and address how replicable their business models are.


Cornell Greenhouse Horticulture

This website covers issues related to greenhouses such as crops and gardening resources, structures and equipment, pest management, and business planning and marketing. The business and marketing resource page provides examples of a greenhouse enterprise budget and other financial tools.