Is the Food Industry Eating Your Kid’s Lunch?

Advocates who fight for better food at schools across the country are questioning the alliance between companies that manufacture processed food and companies that serve school meals. A fourth of the school nutrition program has been privatized, much of it outsourced to food service management giants that work with food manufactures, which create highly processed food.

Pew Charitable Trust

The Pew Charitable Trust’s Food and Health initiative covers topics such as food safety, food additives, produce safety, and school food. Their Safe and Healthy Foods Campaign recommends policies to increase nutrition standards in schools, and ways to implement rigorous school food safety policies.

The Contextual Effect of the Local Food Environment on Residents’ Diets: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Survey

The 2001 Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study is one of the very first studies to look at the effect that the environment has on food choices. Over 10,000 participants were given questionnaires about their dietary intake in order to study the association between the local food environment and the location of grocery stores and the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Household Food Security in the United States

This 2009 USDA Economic Research Service report looks at several national conditions and trends of food insecurity in low-income households, household spending on food, the use of federal and community food assistance programs, and how food pantries are used as emergency kitchens.