US Department of Health and Human Services

The department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Community Services website includes information on President Obama’s Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI), a collaboration between the Department of Treasury, USDA, and HHS, that aims to bring healthy food to retail and corner stores in underserved areas across the country.  Find information on the HFFI here:

The HHS Office of Minority Health webpage provides data profiles related to diseases and obesity rates of Native American, African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Pacific Islander populations. The website provides resources, background information on related policies and initiatives and tools, and you can search through data by population or health topic.           



USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)

The FNS research webpage includes resources on the SNAP (food stamp) program, WIC, food insecurity, nutrition education, child nutrition and food distribution studies. The FNS regulations webpage includes legislation resources for school meals programs, SNAP, summer meal service, WIC, and the Child, Adult and Elderly Care Food Program.

The Food Assistance Program webpage provides resources to Food Distribution on Indian Reservations, Hunger and Food Insecurity, elderly nutrition programs, and head start.

Leadership for Healthy Communities

The Leadership for Healthy Communities Priority Populations website, which specifically focuses on African American, Latino-Hispanic, American Indian, Asia/Pacific Islander and lower income, includes reports, tools, and fact sheets on childhood obesity. The Leadership For Healthy Communities website also includes city, county, state and federal profiles of political leaders across the country that have been proponents of making their community a healthier place.,com_advancedtags/view,tag/id,6/Itemid,78/

American Public Health Association (APHA)

The APHA resource page for Minority Health offers a vast range of resources, reports and studies, and organizations related to African American, Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian populations and obesity.

National Council of La Raza Latino Health Series

This 12 part series “Profiles of Latino Health: A Closer Look at Latino Child Nutrition” from 2010 looks at Latino childhood hunger, covering topics such as links between food insecurity and obesity, access to health care and food spending in Hispanic households.

Immigrant Farming Programs and Resources

This paper, written by Marla Rhodes and Hugh Joseph, is a guide on immigrant farming activities across the US.  It provides an overview of resources for immigrant farmers, including a list of organizations that work with immigrant farmers, and agriculture resources for Hispanic, Asian, and Southeast Asian farmers and refugees and migrant workers.