How We Work

The Wallace Center develops partnerships, pilots new ideas, and advances solutions to strengthen communities through resilient farming and food systems. We do this by:


Cultivating learning networks and communities of practice

We link networks of practitioners, researchers, public and private sectors, partners and media, building relationships that support sustainable food systems change.


Bringing lessons to a broader audience

We create spaces to share knowledge and understand pathways to impact, and bring these to a broader audience of funders, policymakers, media and the public. 


Identifying and piloting emerging models

We catalyze shifts in regional food systems thinking and practice, emphasizing market-based models that improve the health of economies, communities and the environment. 


Linking good food funders to on the ground work

We support promising innovations and new models by connecting funders and investors with food systems research and practice, and acting as an intermediary for grantmaking and technical assistance. 


Building food systems capacity through technical assistance

We support efforts to bring greater access to healthy food for all communities by providing a broad range of technical assistance across all projects. 


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