Farmers Markets


From 2007 to 2009, the Wallace Center led a collaborative effort to develop resources for farmers and farmers market managers. This worked included a fruitful partnership with the Farmers Market Coalition  to develop the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library; the Information Marketplace Professional Development Webinar Series, focused on topics such as Food Safety, Strategic Planning, and EBT/Nutrition Program Outreach; and a Market Management Frequently Asked Question series, featuring a resource guide and video library.


The Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library , a robust online database providing access to resources and tools produced by a variety of organizations, agencies, researchers, producers, and markets nationwide. This searchable database—now home to hundreds of reports, guides, archived webinars, interactive tools, and sample market materials—offers new markets the opportunity to quickly get up to speed on the latest policies, knowledge, procedures, and research affecting markets today. And established markets share their experience and expertise, while gaining access to more sophisticated tools and research to improve and expand their work. 

With questions crowd-sourced from the community of farmers market managers nationwide, the Market Management FAQ Series is a platform for more experienced managers to share knowledge with new and beginning markets. Produced in partnership with the Farmers Market Coalition, the Farmers Market project's Market Management FAQ Series takes the top fifty market management questions, and presents them to six of the most long standing and successful farmers market networks, in a series of short videos available in the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library or on the Wallace Center’s YouTube Channel. The video series is complemented by an 80-page Farmers Market Manager FAQ resource guide offering tips, government agencies, support organizations, resources, and tools guided by the top fifty questions. Topics include: policies and staffing, insurance and liability, increasing food access, and outreach and education, among others.

Finally, the Farmers Market project's Snapshot Series: Transitioning to Value-Added case studies highlights emerging models of producers who have successfully transitioned to producing and marketing value-added farm products. Each of the six case studies—drawn from a mix of geographic regions, farm products, business models, and scales—provides a detailed description of the producer’s experience transitioning, analysis of key challenges and lessons, and offers up the resources, agencies, and contacts that were useful to them along the way. The Snapshot Series is a great first step for those producers seeking to expand and diversify their income streams with value-added products. 

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