The Wallace Center, in partnership with Haile Johnston of Common Market Philadelphia and Anthony Flaccavento of SCALE, is pleased to announce a new training module for food hub development. Developing a Food Hub is a daylong in-depth start-up and capacity-building course to support the development of food hubs and the decisions needed to create them. This training is targeted to beginning and emerging food hubs and will help hubs, entrepreneurs, and communities understand various hub models and make initial decisions about feasibility and business planning, business organization, models, operations, farmers, food safety and regulation, transportation, markets, pricing, financing and raising capital. The workshop will provide a clear understanding of what is needed to establish and operate food hubs as viable businesses and as strategies for social impact.

Session Components include:  

  • The Value Chain Conundrum
  • Business Organization & Business Models
  • Basic Business Operations
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Farmers and Producers
  • Food Safety and Regulation
  • Marketing
  • Financial Viability

Scheduled Workshops:

June 10th, 2015- Arizona BALLE Conference, Phoenix, AZ

July 7th 2015- Maryland Workshop with Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission - Dodon Vineyard's Event Room, 440 Dodon Rd., Davidsonville, MD 21035

September 10th, 2015- WV Food and Farm Coalition's "food hub club", Mount Hope, WV

November 16th, 2015- Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Durham, NC

January 27th-30th, 2016- Southern Sustianable Agriculture Working Group, Lexington, KY

March 29, 2016- NGFN Food Hub Conference, Atlanta, GA