Current job opportunities

  • Senior Program Associate in Regional Food Economies, to support the implementation of two of the Wallace Center’s key programming areas in “Building the Case for Food Systems as Economic Development” (economic development, regional planning, public policy, finance, etc.) and “Building the Case for Scale” (food safety, GAP certification, small business development, food hubs/food business). 

Current short-term opportunities

  • Community-Based Food Systems Intern, to support this Food Systems Leadership Network and provide day-to-day administrative support for our team. In particular, the Intern will provide back-of-the-house coordination support for the Organizational Capacity Building Mini-Grants and Professional Development Scholarships programs, as well as administrative support for the Community Food Systems Mentorship program.

Upcoming Events

March 27-30, 2018
Fourth Biennial National Food Hub Conference - downtown Albuquerque, NM

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